Molecular biology


Molecular biology

It is the study of biology at a molecular level. This study revolves around the concept of replication, transcription, and translation involving genetic material. A significant portion of molecular biology is related to understanding the interaction of various cellular systems containing DNA, RNA, and protein synthesis. This discipline is known for making high impact in the field of life science.

The driving force in the advancement of molecular biology is due to development of experimental techniques, technical novelties, and development of software for analysing profiles such as genotypes, cytogenetics, proteomics and gene expression levels. All these developments have changed the scenario of scientific experimentations altogether and has given fillip to make discovery in other branches like biophysics, cell biology, and genetics.

We also cater these advanced diagnostics and research services by real time and conventional PCR, CBNAAT, next generation sequencing (NGS)

We provide a range of services such as:
a. Molecular Microbiology testing:

Viruses –

  • H1N1 testing
  • Human papilloma virus (HPV) screening and genotyping of high risk strains
  • HIV detection and viral load
  • Hepatitis virus like Hepatitis B(HBV), Hepatitis C(HCV) detection and viral load

Bacterial –

  • Tuberculosis – By both techniques, PCR amplification and also CBNAAT (genexpert)

Infectious panels are also available –

  • Respiratory infections panel
  • Meningitis panel
  • Flu panel

b. Molecular pathology testing:
Lung cancer

  • EGFR mutational analysis
  • AlK mutation detection
  • ROS1 mutation detection

Breast Cancer

  • BRAC1 and 2

Colon Cancer

Customisation amd target specific panels for detection of mutations or infectious diseases are also available, for further details contact us.

If you are looking for a clinical trial involving the above mentioned services or any other services, consult our scientist and molecular biology experts.

how can we help you?

As a lab based research centre, our service predominantly revolves around molecular diagnosis, chromosomal diagnosis, & predictive diagnosis. If you are looking for any of these services, meet our scientist to get valuable diagnostic services.