Histopathology is the discipline of microscopic study of diseased tissue. It is used as a diagnostic medical tool for conducting hypothetical driven medical research. In this study, tissues are subjected to microscopic examination for evaluating morphological manifestations of disease. Examination is conducted by histopathologists to look for any changes in cells leading to illness to a patient. As a result of this examination, they come to know about the causative factor causing the illness.

For a histopathologist, it is essential for detecting exact etiology by observing the histopathological features along with ancillary studies if required, which is essential in selecting the optimal therapy for the disease.

For instance, a need arises for diagnosing and subtyping cancer. For which, a tissue is removed from the suspicious area of cancer affected region of patient and it is examined to identify the abnormality. This microscopic examination provides the vital information about the type of cancer. Thus, anybody from the medical background looking for a wealth of information on tissue changes, then histopathology is the right source to study.

Under the scope of this discipline, we provide services such as:

  • Tissue processing
  • Histopathology reporting

We provide reliable, faster and cost-effective histopathology service under the guidance of specialists both for primary diagnosis as well as giving a second opinion. Thus, if you are looking for accurate diagnosis of diseases, then allow our histopathologists to examine the tissue sample.

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