List of Courses


List of Courses

Training in Recombine DNA Technology Duration: 15 days
Preparation of nucleic acids

  • Plant Genomic DNA extraction
  • Plasmid DNA extraction
  • Purification of gDNA & plasmid DNA

Agarose gel electrophoresis. Spectrophotometer, Dot spot
Preparation of target gene fragment:

  • PCR techniques
  • Agarose gel electrophoresis
  • Gel elution

Preparation of plasmid DNA & gene fragment for cloning:

  • Restriction digestion
  • Dot spot quantification
  • Ligation

Competent cell Preparation

  • Preparation of nutrient broth
  • Starter culture preparation
  • Preparation of competent cells
  • Storage of competent cells

Bacterial transformation

  • Preparation of LB agar plates
  • Transformation of recombinant DNA into E.coli cell
  • Plating technique for transformed culture
  • Transformation efficiency

Training in Recombine DNA Technology Duration: 15 days
Estimation of protein:

  • Cell lysis and protein extraction

Separation of protein molecules:

  • SDS-PAGE (Poly Acrylamide Gel Electrophoresis)

Staining Techniques

  • Coomassie brilliant blue staining
  • Silver staining

Data Analysis

  • Estimation of molecular mass of protein of interest and relative abundance of unknown polypeptides in a complex mixture

Training in Immunology Duration: 15 days
Western blotting:

  • Extraction of protein sample containing antigen
  • SDS-PAGE (poly Acrylamide gel electrophoresis)
  • Handling of nitrocellulose membrane
  • Transfer of protein bands from gel to nitrocellulose membrane

Immuno Assay:

  • Processing of nitrocellulose membrane for detection of antigen

Serial dilution techniques:

  • Preparation of sample material
  • Preparation of nutrient media
  • Plating the culture

Training in DNA fingerprinting Technology Duration: 45 days
Molecular markers:

  • RAPD
  • SSR
  • SCAR
  • CAPS

Preparation of nucleic acid:

  • Extraction of DNA
  • Purification of DNA

PCR Techniques:

  • Gene analysis
  • Genetic purity {Homozygosity & homogeneity}
  • Genetic diversity

Gel Electrophoresis Technique:

  • Agarose gel electrophoresis
  • Native PAGE
  • SDS – PAGE

Gel Staining Techniques:

  • Ethidium bromide staining (PAGE/Agarose)
  • Silver staining

Data Analysis:

  • Analysis of resistant & susceptible lines
  • NTysis software

Screening of transformed colonies:

  • Alpha complementation
  • Colony/Plasmid PCR

Training in Plant tissue culture Duration: 15 days
Sterilization techniques:

  • Dry heat sterilization
  • Moist heat sterilization
  • Filtration

Preparation of media

  • Nutritional component of the media
  • Invitro germination of seeds

Invitro Plant regeneration technique

  • Micropropagation
  • Callus culture
  • Embryo culture

Agrobacterium-mediated gene transformation into a plant

  • Preparation of explants
  • Starter culture preparation
  • Co cultivation of explants with the bacteria
  • Selection media transfer.

Analysis of transgenic plants

  • Extraction of DNA
  • Agarose gel electrophoresis
  • PCR


  • Extraction of protein samples
  • Processing of the samples for the detection of viral antigen.

Training in Plant pathology Duration: 7 days
Detection of pathogens:

  • Plant material
  • Soil sample
  • Peat

Identification of pathogens:

  • Microscope
  • Gram staining
  • Motility
Training in Microbiology Duration: 15 days Sterilization techniques
  • Dry heat sterilization
  • Moist heat sterilization
  • Filtration
Preparation of nutrient media
  • Solid media
  • Liquid media
Culture plating methods:
  • Spread plate method
  • Pour plate method
  • Streak plate method
Bacterial growth kinetics:
  • Starter culture preparation
  • Spectrophotometer

Long duration projects Duration: 2-6 months
Project areas

      • 1. DNA finger printing
      • 2. Marker assisted trait selection
      • 3. Plant tissue culture
      • 4. Plant pathology
      • 5. Seed Quality Assurance
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