It is a branch of pathology for studying the manifestation of disease. It is a significant medical tool used for investigating and studying human or animal histology.

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It is a discipline involving morphologic study of cells. It is broadly categorised as exfoliative cytology(examination of specimens) and aspiration cytology (examination of cells).

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This is a significant method used by pathologists for identifying cellular constituents through antigen-antibody reactions. This method is used both in diagnostic work and clinical research.

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Molecular biology

It is the science of studying biology at the molecular level. This discipline assists in making an assessment on the functions of single cells or protein and identifying the consequence of gene.

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In this discipline, IT is used in biotechnology for storing data and analysing the sequences of DNA. It is an interdisciplinary branch involving biology, computer science, mathematics, physics, and chemistry.

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Cytogenetic & Karyotyping

It is a branch of genetics correlating the structure and behavior of chromosomes. In cytogenetic analysis, karyotyping is used as per the technique of chromosome banding.

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